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My submission for the Gmod Ponies Contest: Ponies Fighting Other Ponies.here's a speed pose of it. i had gummythetoothless upload it on his channel because he is a dear friend and i dont want to get involved with a youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL5zi7F59jU
safe1639790 artist:asmodeusthesexlord115 rainbow dash226630 earth pony224257 pegasus266200 pony905429 unicorn295628 3d69916 butterfly knife51 derpy soldier90 engiejack142 engineer830 female1305497 fire10789 flamethrower366 gmod7215 gun15370 hooves17182 horn55874 mare449971 optical sight949 pinkie pyro158 pyro705 rainbow scout209 rarispy208 rifle3597 rocket launcher473 scattergun16 scout1046 sentry gun51 sniper1146 sniper rifle982 soldier1747 spread wings50818 spy1138 team fortress 25439 twilight sniper202 weapon29055 wings93150 wrench718


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