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Trixter: Starlight…sweetie, T..Trixter wasn't looking at anypony I swear.Who do you think Trixter was looking at?Trixter Lulamoon by DarknesstareStarlight Glimmer by HasbroBase Derpyna and here's the link fav.me/d8xizwtBackground BonesWolbach and here's the link fav.me/d4v9h0l
dead source19161 safe1555482 artist:boneswolbach340 artist:derpyna10 artist:drewmwhit78 starlight glimmer42976 trixie61190 angry23463 blushing172611 cross-popping veins1302 female879598 half r63 shipping1613 male299092 rule 6324805 shipping181534 startrist10 startrix2528 straight120128 sweat22386 tristan219


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