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semi-grimdark27681 artist:bluse389 rarity168307 fish2160 equestria girls177915 bare shoulders1681 barefoot23895 bonfire150 boots18796 bra13862 bracelet7721 campfire902 cast away27 castaway17 clothes402830 cooking995 dead3766 feet33975 fire9889 frown21413 full moon2837 gritted teeth10163 help me130 hilarious in hindsight3011 island314 jewelry49450 legs6716 mare in the moon1593 marooned4 moon20767 night22305 night sky1470 ocean5133 sand1838 shore104 signature18374 sitting54055 skirt35123 skirt lift4520 sleeveless3017 solo962285 stars13167 stranded15 thousand yard stare624 torn clothes4238 underwear54584 volleyball468 wide eyes16053 wilson (cast away)33


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Rarity: 'Three days. It's only been three freaking days and it feels like I've already gone mad from isolation. Damn, Appplejack was right. I AM delicate.'
Background Pony #E518
Her left leg looks like it isn't attached to her body. Drawing error, or did her leg get cut off/fall off? You decide. :3
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Mustard Seed Faith
@My Little Brony Friend 2

To reiterate what oneofthemillions said, yes the volleyball is "Wilson". In the movie, Tom Hanks' character finds a volleyball in the packages (which have drifted to the shore of the island he's stuck on) from the plane which he was in which wrecked in the ocean. He puts a handprint on it and starts talking to it.