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by Keep-Yourself-Alive
New oc and she is sooooo bootiful!<3 Was ALL drawn by me hehe%% I <3 her and if you steeal her I WILL BLOCK YOU AND REPORT YOU BURN UR HOUSE >:CCC
She is a orphan who come from very bad famili and have bveri badchildhood :( Oneday her mum said “ur not rly my doghter, ur actulli related to princes luna but u cnt see her cuz u cnt be hapy” And she was like :,( So she run away. Then she met derpy hoves and they become friends already.so derpy hlped her get to princes Luba and now she liv in castle. one day tho trixi came and she was an buttface so she cursed her and now her hoof is evel and make her do evil stuffs. it make her anxiety and depression and she cry blood a lot when sad :,,( But everypony love her anyway becuz she is nicest ponie and she alwayz make pones smile<3333 also all the stallions have crush on her hehehehe >w<
that is all i have nowbut i think i wilkl writea fanfic aboot her what do u guys think?? :)))
Queen DJ Booty Princess is my altime fav oc and would never trade her 4 anything!!! (unless like, idek, 10,000points or smthin like yah, note me if interesed!!! ;
)))))))) )
Eh-hem, now being all serious and stuff- APRIL FOOLS! :XD:
Stuff I took without permission like any true artist would:
Rarity tail
Rolex watch
safe1751919 artist:kyaokay177 oc712532 oc only465726 oc:queen dj booty princess2 alicorn233100 butterfly7297 cat6525 pony1011790 seraph318 :t3870 alicorn oc27649 bow30011 bracelet10026 clothes476448 colored wings6554 colored wingtips1704 comic sans1461 cursed hoof1 curved horn7192 doge237 donut steel626 ear fluff31265 female1403093 flying39459 food73055 galaxy mane1175 grammar error1848 heart50077 intentional grammar error13 jewelry68476 joke oc173 lip bite12050 looking at you175895 looking up17165 mare502801 mary sue195 meat1962 multicolored wings2946 multiple wings615 original character do not steal752 pepperoni431 pepperoni pizza416 pizza2013 rainbow wings627 rolex watch5 simple background409638 smiling261447 socks68613 solo1095286 spread wings57159 striped socks21957 swag843 text62258 tiara4266 wall of tags3667 watch1473 white background102610 wingding eyes23488


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Background Pony #D49A
Wait… it say’s luna is her mom but… but then how is Luna her special somepony as well?