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Not long after she was preparing, she took a pillow and placed it on the ground. She then instructed Angel to lie down on it. Fluttershy then sat down in front of him and started applying the lipstick. She made sure he was watching the whole process. Angel's face was turning even more crimson. After she was done applying, she then placed both hooves on each side of Angel's body. Then leaned in and started smooching his face a few times. He typically saw kisses as a mushy thing that ponies did. But Fluttershy's very embracing smooches gave him a different feeling. Her motherly approach while doing so made his heart start to pound harder than normal. He wasn't sure how much of this he could take so he tried pushing her head away but to no avail.

Fluttershy: Now now. You can't stop me. This has to be done. Just relaaaaax. Shhhhhhhh

She gave him a few more smooches against his cheeks and eyes. Angel was feeling a little sticky but there wasn't much he could do about it. The whole experience even made Fluttershy blush some and was genuinely really enjoying the process. She can tell Angel was but wasn't admitting nor completely submitting. This she would have to enforce very soon.
suggestive132596 artist:digitaldomain123741 angel bunny9506 fluttershy202949 comic:angel's obedience6 angelshy219 bestiality2043 blushing182500 comic103321 female1285848 floppy ears47818 fluttershy's cottage1279 flutterzoo428 indoors2193 interspecies21264 kiss mark988 kissing23042 lipstick10108 lipstick fetish364 looking at each other17751 lying down12024 male343703 pillow16383 rug593 shipping188281 straight127792 wide hips14559 window7708


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