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It’s the most frustrating thing: I figured it would be easy to come up with a search term that was believable that one of them would look up, but which was also an innocuous innuendo. I’m CERTAIN there are better ones than the one I came up with, but for the life of me, I couldn’t think of ’em =/ If you can think of a funnier one, post it down below!
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Just gets me, y’know, plow horses. And plow horses used as a metaphor for hard workers. And for some reason the Wikipedia page for menu engineering.

What I’m saying is your search history must be very interesting, OP.
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Mostly about large stallions breeding with small mares.

P.S. The autocompletes of "is it wrong"
is it wrong to date your cousin
is it wrong to eat meat
is it wrong to be gay
is it wrong to masturbate
is it wrong to masterburate
is it wrong to sleep with your sister
is it wrong to sleep with your cousin
is it wrong to cheat
is it wrong to kill bugs
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Google actually changed things a while back to prevent this effect, you generally need to search something containing sexual words to get sexual results.

However, autosuggest is still quite fun. "Large stallion" has some autosuggests that AJ would probably not want to accidentally click…
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