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I mean, a shot from behind doesn’t make it not-safe, right, ’cause that happens all the time in the show?…
safe1860480 artist:ncmares718 edit146492 rarity194798 pony1204700 unicorn393470 butt135402 chest fluff47560 colored20990 cringing327 disgusted1318 dock56824 eyeshadow19280 featureless crotch7604 female1500204 glare8490 lidded eyes35220 looking at you196016 looking back66989 looking back at you19443 makeup26796 open mouth175837 plot95083 raised hoof54350 raised leg9044 rear view15413 simple background455041 sketch68695 solo1182064 white background115114


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extra fun at parties
Hey Cirrus Light, “from behind” is for sex from behind. “Rear view” is for anything seen from behind.
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@Cirrus Light  
Easy there, let’s not give folks the idea that I’m an artist around here.
Also, the cap below is from a publicly-accessible Picarto stream, so you could’ve just as easily confirmed this for the man :)