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To Wrath and Ruin🍷
Source Story:

After the ceremony, the after-party started and it was held in the royal garden. Fluttershy stayed with Blueblood for a long while under an interview from "Equestria Times" after that she went over to her friends, but they seemed nervous.

Fluttershy: Hi girls
Rarity: Fluttershy! Wow, you look gorgeous in that beautiful gown!
Fluttershy: Em… Thanks Rarity

Awkward silence was between them for some seconds.

Fluttershy: Ok, girls. What is going on?
Rainbow Dash: Well I`m not telling her.
Applejack: Dash!
Rainbow Dash: What?
Applejack: Now she knows something is up!
Rainbow Dash: Because that comment helped so much…
Fluttershy: Girls…
Pinkie Pie: Can you two, please not fight now!
Rarity: Yeah…
Applejack: Don`t look at me the bad way, I`m not fighting she is!
Fluttershy: Girls
Rainbow Dash: WHAT! No you started it
Pinkie Pie: Well, she is kind of right…
Applejack: What? No way Rainbow did!
Rarity: Yeah Applejack is right
Fluttershy: GIRL! Stop fighting! Your acting like fillies, you are actually at a royal wedding so stop acting like you’re at some kind of 6 year old`s party!

It got quiet fast and the girls was shocked over Fluttershy `strong words and they were ashamed.

Fluttershy: I am sorry girls I did not mean to yell at you.
Applejack: Where sorry Fluttershy it is just that… well Twilight seemed awfully mad at you and she was yelling about how you where evil…
Rarity: Not that you are of course!
Fluttershy: Of course I know that and I also know that Twilight is only saying this because she is going trough a hard time, like she lost her brother and sister.
Rainbow Dash: yeah…

It was silent for some seconds while the girls where thinking about how broken Twilight must be.

Rarity: Well, I really like your… dress
Fluttershy: Haha, thanks again
Pinkie Pie: Well Flutters even if you have had a hard time with Twilight lately you really got this wedding together
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, it looks awesome here
Fluttershy: Thank you girls
Rarity: I must say even you and Blueblood have only been together for 7 months now your really close.
Fluttershy: Yeah, we are really close.
Rarity: But we did you two even get married this fast? No offense

Fluttershy smiled and looked at Blueblood that was walking toward them.

Fluttershy: Well we kinda wanted to get married before the baby came.

The girls was silent while they where looking at each others to find out if this was a joke or not. While the girls where standing there speechless Blueblood stood next to Fluttershy.

Blueblood: Surprise!
Applejack: Wait Fluttershy are you…
Fluttershy: Yes I am *while nodding
Rainbow Dash: OMG! Flutters is becoming a mother, Best. day. ever!
Rarity: So how long are you on the way darling?
Fluttershy: 3 months.