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Queen Chrysalis is my Queen of Cups — the perfect confidant. This is a tricky card for myself, because this is who I have been for much of my life. Sensitive, romantic, dreamy and for all appearances a bottomless well of emotional intensity, she can appear loving, gracious, kind, and can present herself as having such refined senses of aesthetics that every art is within her dominion. Able to sense even the most subtle of undercurrents in any social situation, she is quick to assess and respond to every need, presenting to everyone what they most wished to see before they themselves even recognize it. But, therein lies the quandary; who is this, really? Is she really all that she appears, or is she just a mirror, showing each who gaze at her what they most wish to see? What does she really feel? What does she really want? Is it all a show, or is there some truth somewhere in the infinite pools of her eyes? If the tale is true, then she is the best and most pampering and adoring of companions. Reversed? And she is a bright queen of darkness, terrible and wondrous to behold! So ethereal and angelic that none would dare question her, yet at the same time she can be a siren that drains everyone who comes into contact with her of their true emotions. Able to sense at a moment's glance the deepest vices and compulsions of anyone who intrigues her, she can be a terrifying foe.

Yeah. This card is very Chrysi. Beautiful and terrifying, whether its upright or reversed.


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