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Background Pony #7A42
Wait, we didn’t get synopsis of "Where the Apple Lies" yet? I wonder what’s it about.
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@Pepsi Twist
Man. Rarity has been dominating this season. I don’t know what your talking about?

– Applejack’s Day Off
– Saddle Row Review
– Gift of the Maud Pie
– Gauntlet of Fire
– Cart Before the Ponies
– Spice Up Your Life

Like, what? :_:
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Background Pony #E1A8
Aaww man it looks like pinkie gets no episode this season. It’s almost like the writers don’t care about her anymore so they’re downgrading her to background pony.
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Empress Cozy Glow
Wallet After Summer Sale

(Previously known as Stainless Steel)

Come on, people. Hasbro isn’t going to end the series this season. There is still an EQD movie, and a full-blown actual MLP movie coming along. They might be planning to end it there, but not here. =P
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Yuinacorn's avatar


Are we finally getting that Pinkie Pie-centered episode for the season? I’m just assuming that PP stands for Pinkie Pie in someway, but it definitely /does/ sound like it.
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Background Pony #1665
The fake list that ended with "Flurry Heart of the Swarm" seemed interesting; it would’ve been nice to have Queen Chrysalis return to tie into the upcoming changeling episode. But I must admit "To Where and Back Again" sounds unlike any of the previous season premiere/finale episodes, which had more clear-cut titles to describe what they were about. That makes it so much more intriguing.
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