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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: Old Master Q #2127
For those who are confused about why Bon bon is given the harsh treatment, here are the three previous reasons here:  
full So remember kids, if you give somebody who is well-spirited a bad day, make sure you compensate for your actions and make peace with your friends before their grudge towards you will start to build up into something more hateful
full P.S. Sorry if this comic came off at a sad note and is a deviation from my usual humorous self ;you don’t have to like the comic or share it with with anyone else if you think it’ll break their hearts, but please….
PLEEAASSEEE don’t turn this into another “Loss” meme!!!
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safe1862376 artist:meiyeezhu332 bon bon17279 cranky doodle donkey1079 lyra heartstrings31123 scootaloo53722 sweetie drops17279 equestria girls222467 alone424 andrea libman526 angry30215 bandage6276 blushing221914 bush3124 canterlot high3171 clothes519108 comfort79 comic117700 cradling80 crying47536 depressing121 door4429 dress50035 emotional165 granite8 gym1021 hammer1872 headphones8735 humanized105702 lockers2173 lonely609 nail115 old master q505 parody16208 rock5027 rubble204 sad26835 school1927 sculpting27 sculpture3478 shorts15912 skirt44760 statue2625 sweater16152 tears of pain1262 traditional art125770 unwanted18 upset1297 voice actor915 windows836 yelling3503


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Of all three of those reasons only one is really legitimate. She was a douche to Lyra, sure, but Cranky was an accident and Scootaloo deserved it.
Fuck those guys, imma hug the sadbon.