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I found this pic of nerf guns and stared at it for so long I was like "Screw it, I’ll make something of it!".


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I recognise that wall…

I knew it!
It’s the gun room of a Canadian Youtuber called "NerfBoyProductions". He’s fairly popular, but I don’t much like the channel because he makes out that he’s younger than he actually is. Still, it takes a lot of effort to make a youtube channel as prolific and popular as he’s made his, so kudos anyway.
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Thread Starter - Started a thread with over 100 pages

When ponies find the armory.

Twilight: Oh my…
Applejack: YEE HAW! This’ll be a hoot!
Pinkie: That’s right. Enjoy it while you can, Applejack.
Rarity: Why do I have the sudden urge to sow war fatigues!?
Fluttershy: [panicking horse noises]
Dash: And so… my rampage begins.
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