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Legit only saw Quibble and Dash interact today and im so deep into the ship

apparently he’s supposed to end up being a Daring Do hater in the episode bc of the synopsis but i just cant help myself ;;

so yeah just a quick pencil brush sketch of these tiny babs




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Poopy Butthole Expert
@Background Pony #AD61
Does this qualify for a "Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds" tag? Because that’s clearly the book they are reading.

Yup that’s the book, with the Reflector, and the long ears, and the Whisper Winds, and the Golden Halo and….you guys better buy the books. Bronies and Pegasisters develop imagination and live longer when they read according to experts n n.
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Background Pony #AD61
Does this qualify for a "Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds" tag? Because that’s clearly the book they are reading.
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Background Pony #3A52
He doesn’t suck. He actually is really good for our dashie and plays off her well. They are completely adorkable together.
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Background Pony #C02D
I agree. Sweet celestia sometimes it seems like they would have a dang shotgun wedding just so they can squeal omg see!! soo romantic and cannon!! Girl, you are holding a dang weapon to his head threatening to blow his head off if he doesn’t make nicey nice to your precious.That is fear not love.
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Background Pony #613F
Heh, better than SoarinDash.

However, its a one shot cameo from a celebrity, just like Cheese sandwich, this is pretty much dead in the water. (Thankfully, not that I mind this ship but its annoying when shippers claim this or that is gonna be cannon.)
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