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suggestive148452 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends1010 rarity185642 sweetie belle49743 oc712426 oc:officer conner18 oc:tax pirate12 pony1011326 comic:adorkable twilight and friends886 adorkable friends356 blushing204796 bondage34925 bound1799 comic111516 female1402603 filly69687 foreplay138 gun16345 hat90429 lineart21232 police1220 ponyville police31 rope11859 slice of life1405 sweetie fail228 weapon31448


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Background Pony #EED6
Officer: "No pony move and hooves up!"

Rarara: "Face down, hooves up, that's the way I like to buck!"

Same with the other one to an even greater extent. I myself would have done the same as sweetie in >>1189444 This one I would know it was roleplay but that other one really would have seemed like real violence from the sound of it.
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In Sweetie's defense, she literally heard Rarity say there was a burglar, and that she was helpless.
It's not like the usual situation where she heard the sounds of sex and assumed they were fighting, Sweetie had plenty of reason to think that her sister was in genuine danger, and rather little reason to suspect it was just 'pretend'.
Background Pony #1636
Not sure how big Ponyville is in this cartoon series, but if it is small enough, it might have just one cop…. doubt it though. He had a long gun in one comic and a patrol car. There is probably more.
Background Pony #1D7D
Oh not again Rarity. You have got to make sure Sweetie is out of the house.
Background Pony #1636
The red pone reminds me of Lupin the Third….. :) I think it's the hair.