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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full full fullSo this is what Trumpcare would look like in the dystopian future , just as predicted by TYT
Note: This is not meant to attack the reputation of the OC doctors represented in this comic, as they have a responsibility to take care of anyone in need (even if they do come off as a douchebag prick), according to the Hippocrates’ Oath.
full This comic is meant to satirize the privileged luxuries of what stereotypical rich people are enjoying in life, while the poor are struggling to choose between paying rent and buying medicine for the family
Hence, I do believe that there is a widespread problem of rich corporations and politicians abusing their power to manipulating the system to benefit only their profits and their wealthy peers and not for the people they are supposed to be representing (as previously mentioned by the news video above, if you had watched it)
full That includes policies pertaining to privatization and commercialization of healthcare services
Doctors (clockwise from top left):  
Dr. Warding Virtue by darkdarling98  
Medic Doctiry by SrMario  
Doctor Softspot by acervine  
Nurse(Doctor) Stiches by NoraVoracious
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safe1862392 artist:meiyeezhu332 spoiled rich1271 oc777895 oc:doctiry101 oc:doctor stiches1 oc:softspot2 oc:warding virtue1 human180339 anime6173 bars158 bed46331 bits1172 blanket6071 blocks292 blushing221917 breasts315594 broken horn14558 cash26 chair7726 cleavage38353 clothes519111 coin752 comic117701 curtains2920 desk3699 diagnosis13 diamonds138 dizzy830 doctor759 dress50036 emerald77 female1501973 financial privilege1 gold1315 gold ingot15 healthcare10 heterochromia6642 horned humanization7228 humanized105701 humanized ponified human152 jewelry80148 lamp3096 leather1639 listening314 medic1371 money1488 nausea34 nauseous118 necklace23423 office1031 old master q505 parody16208 pearl necklace1714 pillow20707 privilege3 ruby443 satire214 sick1827 sleeping25270 stethoscope413 tax the rich1 thermometer514 window10103


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