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Hey there, Derpibooru, it’s Astori-a here, from deviantART.

I’m gonna be posting my mlp arts here and on deviantART. I still gotta get the hang of this website though.

so yeah, here’s my ponysona, Artsy!
Name: Artsy Song
Nickname(s): Artsy
Gender: Mare/Female
Age: 18
Birthday: June 18th
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Romantic Orientation: Heteromantic
Race: Pegasus [Unicorn variant] (Genes: 50% Pegasus, 50% Unicorn)
Talent: Art and Music
Abilities: Has a rare ability to use Unicorn-strength magic, thanks to her mother, who is a Unicorn
Cutie Mark: An artist’s pallet with a paintbrush in front of it, and small music notes on the top and bottom of the pallet.
Personality: -Procrastination is biggest flaw
-Factually smart, book smart, internet smart, but sucks at math
-Often has dumb moments. Fumbles words a lot. Irish (Hayrish??) accent can come out of no where. Kinda deep female voice.
-Loves poutine
-Exercise is worst enemy, but getting fat is bad so
-Daydreams at least 300 times a day (can go into a daydream within 2 seconds)
-Shy but not too shy. Warms up to others easy if they come off non-assertive or easy-going
-A Realist; basically in the middle of an Optimist and a Pessimist
-Perfectionist when it comes to art. Something looks wrong, well shit, gotta start over now
-Likes telling random factoids.
-Really soft-hearted and cries at sad things that aren’t really that sad
-Feathers are easily ruffled, so don’t taunt and tease
-Mix of a logical thinker and a creative thinker
anyways, yep

Artsy Song © me


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I’m happy that you have joined the site! :)

Derpibooru is mostly about cataloging and indexing, and while everyone can edit tags on an image, the artist has last say (as long as it’s not against the rules). So – for the most part its about tagging images so that they can be catalogued, and respecting the artist’s intent.

There are also forums which have the usual varieties of nice people and trolls, but, for the most part folks here seem pretty nice, and sometimes there are some really nice conversations. I hope you have fun :)
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