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FIXED: So rendering the psd via photoshop removed a ton of SAI-specific luminance from the original image that i didn't notice was gone. (You can notice it if you compare, luminance in the eyes and iris, in the mane, and shading in the trees.) It left the eyes a lot more dull.

In case you think she looks a bit young, that's cause she is! I wanted to capture the innocence of a young adult celestia before her conflict with luna :3Finally finished her!! Only took like 30-40 hours total >.> I'm 100% happy with this picture and could not have hoped for a better turnout - So cute! So pretty! So kawaii! Look at dem eyes, dat mane, dat flank. Mmm.

Nothing like a cool, refreshing dip in your favorite stream to wash away the cares of the world! Celestia's probably my favorite pony due to aesthetics, though I do like luna, twi and fluttershy. I couldnt have done this pic without the support of my patrons! If you'd like to help me make more pics like these, please consider checking out my patreon at
safe1657250 artist:aurelleah96 princess celestia93043 alicorn214941 pony921581 absurd file size772 absurd resolution65145 art792 bathing947 beautiful5348 chest fluff36410 crepuscular rays2629 cute192360 cutelestia3489 ear fluff27050 female1320510 flank1442 floppy ears49811 forest9721 happy29941 looking at you159889 looking back54329 mare457687 outdoors9497 plot75892 river1899 scenery7773 shy3944 smiling234812 solo1032410 sunbutt3904 swimming1868 water12516 waterfall1632 wet mane5070


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Background Pony #9AEC
I absolutely love how beautiful & cute Celestia's depicted in this picture! Also, dat ass!
Background Pony #5478
6 months my ass. This looks like you've been drawing for years! Great job