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Take the shy lamia by the hoof as you welcome her into your home.

safe1751583 artist:badumsquish2010 derpibooru exclusive29323 oc712392 oc only465655 oc:kalianne106 human159022 lamia2172 original species26599 badumsquish is trying to murder us166 bedroom eyes61420 c:1223 cute205812 diabetes643 female1402837 head tilt1074 holding hands2797 holding hooves1703 human on pony hoof holding84 looking at you175852 offscreen character35759 pov14494 smiling261362


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It would be interesting to have that slithering tongue enter your throat. I wonder, can she unhinge her jaw like normal snakes can?

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I posted this to a MLP community and it got almost a hundred likes and a bunch comments saying “aww she is so cute!” But don’t worry, I credited you

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She’d find a way. She’d probably have an easier time dancing than a regular pony: at least she has two free limbs she can use and doesn’t have to fret over balancing.

That’s actually something I was thinking about with her species. For them, an open mouth kiss would have to be like the ultimate sign of affection and trust, since you’re literally putting your own life at their mercy by putting your mouth within chewing distance of poisonous fangs. So a kiss on the cheek or a french kiss would be a normal kiss, but an open mouth kiss would be a marriage-proposal-level declaration.

@Dirty Bit
She does have regular pony teeth as well. Her fangs are where her canines would be, and lengthen out when she’s preparing to use them rather than them folding down like a proper snake. While she’s not a hybrid but a proper species (I do have a reason why they’d have the pony-like upper body, but it’s a surprise) she’s just as much like a pony as she is like a snake.

@Chicago Ted

Yeah, like @D3mon said I make them smaller for POVs because it allows me to put more on the screen. Even then I cheated and increased the height of the picture to fit her in.

@Chicago Ted
Can’t wait man :D

@Chicago Ted
It made me want to draw her because she was sort of on the back-burner of my mind as I was focusing on other stuff (among others, another of Sphinxset Shimmer, the sequel to this, something to do with her) and it reminded me just how much I love the character.

I have a serious fascination with good characters of what should be “evil” species and such. It’s why I’m honestly expecting this (Careful, spoilers) to become my favorite episode. Characters like Kalianne who are a dangerous, venomous, and predatory species, yet are just genuinely nice, interest me to no end. It’s why, like I’ve said before, I love playing with the idea of it (Like her being, by every definition, a parasite yet pitiable and vulnerable too, and her being only mildly annoyed by nonstop attacks from adventurerers who impulsively fling ineffective attacks at her). Lol, I’ve probably drawn from that pool so much that if I ever make a genuinely evil and unsympathetic character it’ll probably be a huge shock. Coma’s the closest I’ve come, and he’s not evil so much as he’s a selfish, unreliable, manipulative jerk with a serious insecurity about his sexuality :P

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I honestly keep forgetting how long (and beautiful) her mane is. Gorgeous eyes too.

10/10 would allow to steal body heat whenever needed.