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kinda outdated art of Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie, and nextgens Dapple Pie and Pop Candy

Dapple Pie, Pop Candy © me

safe (1425693)artist:bluesidearts (20)cheese sandwich (3037)pinkie pie (188617)oc (523615)oc:dapple pie (2)oc:popcandy (2)adopted offspring (881)cheesepie (979)female (757583)hug (22558)male (257003)offspring (28699)parent:cheese sandwich (1379)parent:pinkie pie (3098)parents:cheesepie (1191)shipping (164039)straight (109153)tongue out (75574)watermark (12532)


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1 comment posted
Astori-a's avatar

hello there, i would extremely appreciate it if you would take this down, as you did not ask permission from me to post this, even though in all my dA descriptions, I say NOT TO POST MY ART WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. You even copied the goddamn description with the warning at the bottom

please take this down asap