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safe1599284 artist:bluesidearts22 princess cadance30763 princess flurry heart6515 classical unicorn3770 adult2310 age progression584 chest fluff33425 colored wings5067 colored wingtips1515 cute183397 cutie mark42881 ear fluff24630 eyeshadow13737 flurrybetes860 foal14984 implied shining armor308 leg fluff2624 leonine tail7288 lidded eyes27653 makeup18642 mother and daughter5264 neck fluff652 offscreen character30607 open mouth127317 princess emo heart92 tail feathers770 teenage flurry heart74 teenager4382 unshorn fetlocks22049 watermark14621


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Artist -


all the reposted art in my artist tag was transferred to my account, as if it were uploaded by me. I changed all the descriptions of what the reposters put them as. It's strange with the dates, yes, since i only started Derpibooru today. I made a thing in my Artist description on my profile so others will know why everything isn't posted on the correct date of my joining
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Someone else uploaded this initially, but we can very easily change who's credited as the uploader of an image, and reassigned the upload to her account instead.
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Astori-a, this image says it was uploaded by Astori-a 3 days ago. Is there any chance your account information has been compromised, or someone else created an account in your name here?

Trying to invoke the mods or talking to them on IRC could help you with getting whatever artwork you want taken down, actually taken down.
Artist -

Again, hello there, i would very very much appreciate it if you would take this down, as you did not ask permission from me to post this, even though in all my dA descriptions, I say NOT TO POST MY ART WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Yet again, you copied the description with the warning at the bottom.

please take this down asap