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Now I ain’t sayin "my racism is worse than your racism" but I’ve been down to stockton, which is just south of lodi. about 7 times this year cause of deaths in the family and you’d be surprised. If I had a dollar for every "these fukin wetbacks! Driving so fuken goddamn slow! Mexicans shouldn’t even be allowed to drive!" I’ve heard.
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Background Pony #DD1C
Applejack’s just talking like everybody in the south does. It’s part of the holy trinity of southern life: Racism, Incest, and NASCAR.
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JeffyJeffyFrom7Jeffy's avatar
who i feel should get cop show treatment*. say, like this:

AJ driving a Nova, which would be car 54 (Car 54, Where Are You), with a license showing "You’re Nicked" (The Sweeney) and AJ’s name… AJ Bucker (TJ Hooker)

*being shot at, of course… and owning pumped GM pony/muscle cars
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JeffyJeffyFrom7Jeffy's avatar
random driver: get outta the fucking road, ya fuckin peckerwood
aj: you know what…
pinkie: what?
aj: i give up on fucking back to other assholes. i should take it like a stale sandwich
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Background Pony #DD1C
That phrase is pretty much all I hear when I hear someone speak with a southern accent. A guy with that accent could be talking about string theory and all I would hear is "I hate me some niggers, hold mah beer"
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CleverTwist's avatar
Living in the province that is colloquially referred to as the "Redneck Central" of Canada, I deal with your stereotypical right-wing, truck nut toting, confederate flag waving, drink all day/smoke all night kinda people almost daily. I’ve heard just about every bigoted, racist, pandering to your emotional and religious sensibillities rhetoric you could think of in this day and age.

But you know what? I don’t stop them. I never point it out to them and I never try to make a fuss over how "offensive" they are. I just mind my own business or just nod my head with a "yeah, sure. okay" and let the day go on. Because even though I disagree with what they say, even if it’s drunken filled vitriol from years of conservative govermentation, they have every right to say it. So long as they aren’t inciting violence or diminishing the rights of someone else with their ignorance, then just let them be.

They don’t represent a group at large, they don’t embody all of the population of the town, the city, the nation or the race. They represent themselves, and what they are are just your typical assholes looking to start shit. And the best way to not give them power, is to just let them be. It’s like trolling online. The more you give in, the more power you let them have over you. If you honestly encounter someone you says to you "I hate niggers" and they act in a way that gives off a "what you gonna do about it?" vibe, you don’t engage, you don’t retort, you don’t give them fuel to their fires. To stamp out the flames, you have to stop feeding them, and the more you try to fight their fires with your own it’s only gonna burn everything down.

Remember: offense is never given. Only taken.
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