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just thought a compilation post would be good.

First two are part of the mane six covers, which would be the basic set you can buy; or purchase in a box set

Third seems to be a subscription variant cover http://www.midtowncomics.com/store/dp.asp

Fourth, may be a basic set like the main six covers

Wonderbolts third eye comics

Derpy = Midtown exclusive http://www.midtowncomics.com/store/dp.asp

Lone Star comic cover, for the Lone Star store

11 variant covers so far… still isn’t as much as IDW’s Ninja Turtles or Godzilla’s first issues though
safe (1425034)idw (12786)apple bloom (43481)applejack (147340)derpy hooves (45834)dj pon-3 (26657)doctor whooves (9511)fluttershy (183626)hoity toity (907)pinkie pie (188512)princess celestia (83403)rainbow dash (203324)rarity (157127)soarin' (12487)spike (68126)sweetie belle (43747)time turner (9501)twilight sparkle (259549)vinyl scratch (30752)winona (2226)pegasus (186961)pony (687873)cover (2563)female (756673)idw advertisement (581)mare (333585)muffin (5808)official (6451)official comic (1922)

not provided yet


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That’s just the doctors alias Rep, and speaking of that, it also has a Doctor who reference when he says "Spoilers" it’s been an ongoing term whenever River’s around
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Wonderbolts is the exclusive cover from Third Eye Comics, fourth was listed as a different-artist-variant cover with the first two, but didn’t say whether it was counted with the first 6.

Which leaves 3-4 of the first six covers as yet unknown.
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