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An animation of >>1138198

The video is here
I took this one a little further with a video version that has a longer loop and some audio. Check it out!
safe1726458 artist:equum_amici160 artist:kianamai1019 nightmare moon17056 rarity183585 :t3813 alternate timeline3015 animated99608 bedroom eyes60265 boop7490 cinemagraph378 cute202824 eye contact6539 female1380866 floppy ears53198 glowing eyes11336 grin39599 lesbian98065 missing accessory8272 night maid rarity293 nightmare takeover timeline549 nightrarity40 nose wrinkle3027 noseboop2871 nuzzling4025 plot80471 raised hoof47464 scrunchy face7207 shipping202786 smiling254168 wide eyes17206


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