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We need an intervention.
safe1677945 artist:wheredamaresat46 edit129521 edited screencap63375 screencap218596 applejack167587 big macintosh27931 starlight glimmer47829 earth pony238298 pony940433 no second prances1833 animated97195 corrupted2671 datamosh42 discovery family logo11648 drugged222 force feeding807 frown22472 glitch art133 grin37145 magic71829 male363073 open mouth140288 smiling240708 smirk12162 stallion104976 tripping320 trippy189 vlc27 wide eyes16820


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Background Pony #2AE7
Mac later woke up to find that Starlight was imprisoned for illegal magic sedation, as well as pregnant with his foals.
Background Pony #AE50
Is this just suppose to be the scene where Starlight Glimmer decides to fuck over Big Mac in one of the most unethical ways possible and the file got corrupted or was it designed like this?