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Full Name

*AKA *
Leo (Flurry Heart only)

Queen Chrysalis (mother), Princess Cadence (mother), Shining Armor (father), Flurry Heart (sister), Imago and Skyla (triplet siblings)


The youngest child of Queen Chrysalis, Princess Cadence, and Shining Armor, Leon is known as the Hermit Prince among the nobles, and for good reason. It’s rare to see him outside of his room and even rarer to see him outside the castle. This stems from the fact that Leon has always been a sickly pony ever since his birth, and is prone to weakness if he goes outside for extended periods of time. He spends most of his time researching various topics and sketching the things he learns in an effort to give life meaning. He’s become a rather talented artist as a result, and his works are highly valued among nobility and common folk alike.
Simply put, Leon is a nihilist, and is often seen spouting off negativities and the like. Though it’s not so much as he thinks life is meaningless as he doesn’t really understand why life exists in the first place, and what ponies are suppose to do with it. Otherwise he’s a rather kind pony, often taking in stray and sickly animals to care for and donating money he recieves from his artwork to various charities. He finds it hard to actually interact with other ponies, however, as he has problems understanding that not everyone shares the same viewpoints and life experiences as he does.

Of all his siblings, Leon is closest to Imago, who he believes best understands his nihilistic tendacies. They help make children books together, with Imago writing the story and Leon illustrating the pictures. He tends to avoid Skyla as prolonged exposure to her shrill voice tends to give him headaches, though he does enjoy it when she sings. He likes his eldest sister Flurry Heart as well, it’s just that she dotes upon and coddles him so much whenever she’s around that he tries to evade her affections as much as he can.
Leon has a special bond with his favorite pet owl, Frostbite. He rescued her when she was an little owlet from one of the worst snowstorms in the history of the Crystal Empire. After she recovered from the freezing temperature, she stuck around, and it’s rare to see the two apart. Leon insists she’s just a normal owl, but there’s whispers among the crystal ponies that the snowy owl is more than she appears to be…
Leon is quite aware that he looks like a certain uncle of his and would rather not be compared to him, please and thank you.

Leon spends most of his time trying to define the meaning of life, and as such has a cutie mark of two keys, representing his mission to find answers.


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