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safe (1458911)artist:foxinshadow (1058)princess celestia (84998)princess luna (89281)twilight sparkle (265499)alicorn (170163)pony (724187)unicorn (215547)body pillow (3001)cans (40)chips (603)computer (5092)female (785992)food (53048)gamer celestia (23)headphones (6015)implied twilestia (137)lesbian (84189)mare (351197)microphone (4006)poster (4445)shipping (168520)soda (1246)solo (894564)tongue out (78248)twilestia (2343)


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12 comments posted
@Background Pony #8E45

Not really. It makes sense with Luna because she’s been the trend over the last two, three years. With Celestia, it makes equal sense.

Why? They’re both headcanons. Celestia moonlights as a streamer. They’re immortal in a lot of headcanons, why can’t she just keep herself awake via magic?
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Background Pony #8AEA
Meh, this would make more sense with Luna.
Plus the Twilight memorabilia make this creepy in Celestia’s case.
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@Background Pony #5407
"If a grown man has a Twilight Sparkle body pillow, it’s perfectly normal. When I have one, it’s suddenly starker-like. I was even working on it since she was a filly so it could be very detailed. It’s not creepy at all!"
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