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Emerald asks what she would do if this hypothetical colt wanted to make a deal to help the demon free.
“First I would need to know what’s in it for me. Then probably where and to what this demon is bound.” Joyride thinks on it a second and then finishes, “And also how hot the demon is.”
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safe1753970 artist:ficficponyfic2698 oc713403 oc only466195 oc:emerald jewel1640 oc:joyride522 earth pony267342 pony1013625 unicorn343675 colt quest2494 adult2584 amulet1334 bowtie10678 child2006 clothes477014 colt15501 cute206089 ear piercing27889 eyeshadow16639 female1404809 femboy9643 foal15763 hair over one eye9373 horn78176 mage462 makeup22903 male389041 mantle287 mare503622 monochrome152428 neo noir2279 outpost12 partial color5439 piercing43229 tower418


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