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I’m working on a new image of my little pony, in my (little) spare time. I have a lot of work to do IRL, so I don’t know if I will ever finish it. This is the initial sketch. It will be a sort of "sequel" to "Palmyra Blues" (>>1065075).
Feedback about historical accuracy or "pony semi-anthro anatomy" is welcome.
semi-grimdark (23272)artist:rogbo (17)oc (494328)oc only (349689)amputation (345)armor (17346)axe (1234)bipedal (25945)byzantine iconoclasm (2)byzantines (12)civil war (132)crying (34015)domenico morelli (1)earth pony (130212)eastern equestrian empire (10)floppy ears (38987)grayscale (29218)habit (19)history (258)hoof chopping (1)medieval (114)monk (101)monochrome (130213)mutilation (141)paintbrush (1184)ponified (32641)pony (637445)saint lazarus zographos (1)semi-anthro (8902)sketch (50979)soldier (1442)table (6387)traditional art (91048)uncanny valley (780)underhoof (39182)violence (474)


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………….WTF. I was just digging around for some good clean amputee porn and I come across this mind fuck. I’m going to bed.
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Ah yes, Iconoclasty. That bout of weirdness and destruction of icons anywhere that so often occurs when the Byzantines were suffering one of their withdrawals of power.

I suppose it’s not the other Byzantine tradition of blinding another in the end.
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