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Full Name

Lalala (Flurry Heart only)

Queen Chrysalis (mother), Princess Cadence (mother), Shining Armor (father), Flurry Heart (sister), Imago and Leon (triplet siblings)


The middle child of the triplet children of Queen Chrysalis, Princess Cadence, and Shining Armor, Skyla is very very spoiled. She takes the fact that she is royalty to both the Crystal Empire and Changeling Hive way too seriously, and as a result has somewhat gained a god complex, believing herself to be above the common folk. That doesn’t mean she won’t accept their praises and admiration, especially when it’s towards her singing voice, of which she is especially proud. Due to Flurry forgoing being the the next in line to the throne and Imago being the heir to the Changeling throne, Skyla is to become the next ruler of the Crystal Empire when her parents step down. Celestia help us all.
Skyla is very abrasive pony, stemming from the fact that she thinks that as an alicorn she is superior to everyone else. Though much of this is overacting on her part, as she doesn’t know how to interact with commoners and thus chooses distance herself by making herself seem as unpleasant as possible. Sometimes, she wishes that she wasn’t royalty and could live a normal life as an average pony, but she keeps these desires deep within herself and as a result doesn’t talk about her true feelings very often.

Skyla’s relationship with her older sister Flurry Heart is complicated. As far as anypony can tell, Skyla despises her sister with a passion, often complaining about her to her face. However, Skyla has a superiority complex of sorts towards her sister, as for the longest time she’s grown up hearing how wonderful Flurry was, and she feels like she can’t possibly match up with her. Flurry isn’t aware of this and continues to annoy her sister by coddling her and treating her like her widdle sister.
Skyla has never been close to her triplet siblings, though she loves them all the same. However, she considers her Elara to be the sister she’s never had, as she can relate to the unicorn’s feelings of failure and inadequacy. Over time this friendship culminated in a slight crush on Skyla’s part, though she knows Elara’s heart belongs to Theia and thus considers a possible relationship a no go.

Skyla’s cutie mark is of a c clef, representing her soprano voice, which has the power to captivate audiences.


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