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Question: Does Celestia ever get grossed out by Luna and Twilight’s antics?

Celestia: “They try to not to be TOO affectionate in front of me to not make me uncomfortable, but sometimes…”

suggestive148343 artist:silfoe1555 princess celestia96801 princess luna100816 twilight sparkle306289 alicorn233046 pony1011431 royal sketchbook611 blushing204810 cute205808 cutelestia3675 dialogue68076 ear bite1592 female1402754 floppy ears54573 grayscale39272 lesbian99319 licking20873 lunabetes3638 mare502614 missing accessory8384 monochrome152308 newspaper1718 prone26367 raised hoof48457 shipping205781 simple background409506 sketch64566 speech bubble24413 tongue out108357 twiabetes12274 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126234 twiluna1538 white background102571 wide eyes17405


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Emily Brickenbrackle III

@Masque Raccoon
Personally, my ears are a little too sensitive to the touch for the act to be any sort of fun for me. It took me two years just to get used to wearing glasses. My boyfriend doesn’t try to nibble my ears like your husband does, but his dog, for whatever reason, is an ear-seeking-missile when it comes to licking. If the dog wasn’t so adorable, I’d absolutely hate him for it.

However, I do think it looks cute from an outside perspective. So long as it’s just the ponies and it’s not happening to my ears, it’s fine.

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I swear, I will never understand why ear nibbling is considered sexy and/or affectionate…

My husband loves doing that to me. I don’t find it sexy, but I tolerate it for his sake.