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suggestive162036 alternate version60854 artist:kevinsano3357 king sombra15090 unicorn401577 anthro295596 angry30642 big breasts97483 breasts318963 busty queen umbra631 choker15531 chubby14546 cleavage38689 clothes524741 duster993 eyebrows12201 female1516459 frown26447 glare8526 glowing eyes12808 gritted teeth15097 huge breasts45310 lipstick12888 looking at you199194 maid6596 patreon13751 queen umbra1276 rule 6329243 solo1195200 solo female197107 sombra eyes3799


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Memetic eldritch horror
[spoiler]Shining armor: I gotta say Sombra, or should I say Umbra, you look way better as my busty maid than you did as a dark king
umbra: if this collar didn’t force me to do everything you say I would rip off your balls and choke you with them!
Shining armor: tough talk from a slave, now suck my dick again
Umbra: sun on collar starts to glow and Umbra’s eyes glaze over/ of course, my leige
Background Pony #9CCB
I accidently dropped a jar of honey in the kitchen. Do get that cleaned up, my dear.