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Luna's Cold Spot

Updated vector of >>498137. SVG here.
safe1749201 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1013 artist:parclytaxel1390 princess luna100741 alicorn232679 pony1009402 .svg available8454 absurd resolution67008 alternate hairstyle29055 blushing204423 eating9942 embarrassed11734 female1400775 food72886 looking at you175465 mare501638 messy eating1232 plewds140 ponytail18723 popsicle1147 question mark4692 scrunchy face7255 shading1984 solo1093573 sucking1176 surprised9573 sweat27608 vector77835 wide eyes17372


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Princess of Science
@Muffinshire The SVG file for this one clocked in at 242.87 kB. Owing to the extremely complex shading employed, I was well aware that the system could have problems rendering the SVG as I wanted it to. So I played it safe here and uploaded the full-scale PNG.
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PNG is a bitmap format, i.e. the image is made up of pixels. SVG is a vector format, so the image is made up of lines, curves, filled shapes, etc. Because of this, SVG files effectively have unlimited resolution: you can scale them up to any size and the image will be just as sharp, while bitmapped images (PNGs, JPEGs,etc.) become blocky or blurry as they're scaled up.

On Derpibooru, SVG files are rendered as PNGs for display (not all browsers have proper SVG support), but the SVG file can still be downloaded by clicking the download button.