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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: Old Master Q Comics Modern Press 35, pg 112-113
full Wow, AJ! You really taught that man-handler a lesson!! I know you’re pretty strong as a busy farm girl and all—
full -but I didn’t figure you had THAT kind of resilience!!
full Yeah, I didn’t think so either…
full Huh?
full It wasn’t my intention to show off my rigid wholesomeness! I was going to buck him like a stubborn bull if he ever got too enthusiastic in his handy-work massage and give him a stern scowling
full (Awkward silent shock)
full I guess I never knew how much hard work I had been straining on the family farm lately
Hmmmmm…maybe I DO need a long break from my chores…
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safe1863020 artist:meiyeezhu332 applejack181043 bulk biceps3591 rainbow dash249578 human180374 applejack's "day" off604 alternate hairstyle31235 anime6173 applejack's hat10452 barefoot30760 bathrobe1526 bed46363 big breasts96137 boots25935 breasts315699 busty applejack11645 busty rainbow dash9151 cleavage38364 clothes519349 comic117724 cowboy hat19789 cramp12 crying47549 cut and paste20 daisy dukes1531 earring24788 feet45457 female1502520 hallway1043 hat99608 headband3829 humanized105720 humanized ponified human152 hurt/comfort44 injured3593 lying4067 lying down26313 massage1190 muscles14221 old master q505 pain2196 pale skin109 parody16211 piercing48448 ponytail20933 ponyville6473 reference4340 retaliation17 rough166 scene interpretation9407 shocked8058 shorts15918 slippers1098 spa1361 stomping722 tank slippers138 towel4116 traditional art125786


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Background Pony #CA2F
That “Sweet Jayses” Rainbow came out with made me imagine her with an Irish accent.