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Full Name

Gogo (Flurry Heart only)

Queen Chrysalis (mother), Princess Cadence (mother), Shining Armor (father), Flurry Heart (sister), Skyla and Leon (triplet siblings)


The eldest of the triplet children of Queen Chrysalis, Princess Cadence, and Shining Armor, Imago is what every proper noble expects them to be. Prim and proper and always keeping their manners in check, they are polite and well behaved in contrast to their rather rambunctious siblings. As a result, Chrysalis views them as her favorite child, and is grooming them to be the next leader of the changelings in her stead. Currently, they mostly spend their time writing stories and poems to share with the local children at the Crystal Empire’s library, and aims to publish some of their books one day.
Imago is genderless, having no solid biological sex in comparison to their brother and sisters. No one is sure why, but it most likely has to do with the combinations of their changeling and alicorn genetics. Otherwise, they’re a rather normal pony. They are a big stickler for the rules, and don’t do things that they know they shouldn’t be doing. They tend to act aloof towards others, but in reality they very much care about what others are feeling, and strives to bring joy to others as best as they can.

Of their two triplet siblings, Imago is closer to Leon, for while he has a rather bleak outlook on life, he is more considerate and kinder than Skyla is. The two usually help create books together, with Imago writing the story while Leon illustrates. Imago doesn’t dislike their younger sister, but Skyla has a tendency to tantrums and outbursts that they really don’t feel like dealing with, so they usually just let Flurry Heart hang out with her.
Imago was for the longest time not interested in any possible relationship, until the day they met the daughter of her sister’s old foalsitter, Strawberry. Whenever the orange earth pony is brought up, Imago loses all of their normal composure and becomes a blushing blabbering mess. They’re too confused on how to tell her how they feel so it’s been nothing more than a crush as of now.

Due to having more changeling genes than their siblings, Imago doesn’t have a cutie mark. However, they enjoy writing stories for foals and considers that their talent.
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