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Nervously Emerald comments that he heard voices from the room when he was returning to the library to clean up a bit. He thought it was the pair of them and so entered, only to be met by that thing. Emerald quickly tries to change the subject by asking what the creature would have done if it had caught him.

"Just killed you is all." Lord Sepulcher says, still glaring at Emerald.

Emerald gulps and then says that the sickle he has there is pretty cool.

"Yes. More than you know, child." Sepulcher says with a nod.

Emerald looks up to Joyride for help, but she just smiles down at him.

Emerald asks what the connection between him and the Cloaky myth and what he did with the foals.

"I kidnapped bad children and did experiments on them. You know, like the ones who sneak around places they shouldn't be." Lord Sepulcher says in a strange tone. it's not angry, but it's not happy either.


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"I kidnapped bad children and did experiments on them."

Wow! What a nice guy. Joyride is friends with such nice people. Who knows what other great friends she has. >:(

Oh, and she also joked about it too.