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explicit (275344)semi-grimdark (23779)artist:ralek (1209)oc (510026)oc only (356617)oc:passel (93)oc:silver lining (343)angry (19059)anus (75793)bow (18351)clothes (344496)creampie (22664)crying (34889)cum (63371)fangs (16913)floppy ears (40129)growling (307)imminent grimdark (18)jacket (8363)malesub (2985)monochrome (132554)nudity (287136)original species (17739)pegasus (178269)penis (118461)pink cloud (87)see-through (3721)snarling (96)submissive (9582)tail bow (3726)talking (3371)teeth (6239)text (38907)transparent flesh (423)unwanted cumshot (256)vagina (41711)


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17 comments posted
Background Pony #14DE
Please accept my apologies toward what’s I’m going to say,

But this is just plain stupid.
And non canon.
And edgy.

This oc would be perfect in PH. this last one won’t be subject to an apology, cause this is plain truth :D
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Background Pony #B8DD
Immediate hugging and nose booping required to prevent combustion. Act cute, that’ll confuse her!
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Background Pony #F5A8

If you even still have a dick or balls after she is done with you, even just an adorable mound of very sensitive flesh once she literally rips them off, it’ll be a miracle. Pink Cloud is pretty hard core, makes flesh and material like puddy, and isn’t exactly something you can heal up thanks to all the flesh warping and literally melting like a candle on a very hot day.
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Background Pony #6B6E
I always crack up at these super tryhard dom characters, it’s like, okay you either want to be a dom or want to get dommed, now can you make it look any more desperate and compensatory? It’s like a porn parody of shadow the Hedgehog
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