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Updated colors and cutie mark (3/4 heart, not 1/3) thanks to Masem’s itunes upload. >>1170849
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I’m liking Hookshot as a name. But Link is also a fine name in and of itself. It just means he connects one thing to another thing. For all we know he is a builder or a black smith. Linked Horshoes maybe?
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Alright then, seems we have a little discussion going on. But I’m going to say that "Link" can pass off as a pony name, since it’s literally "something that connects one thing with another". However, it doesn’t mean that it has to be that name.

There are alternatives that can still hold the reference. Quarter Hearts, Rupee Heart and even Hookshot (as one pointed out early here) can work as well.

@Background Pony #7C13
So does this mean that somewhere in Equestria there’s an alicorn named Zelda?

Not named "Zelda", hypothetically speaking. Unlike Link, Zelda is an all proper human name i.e Zelda Fitzgerald.

Doc wasn’t a Doctor Who reference from the beginning. That was projected onto him by the fans and picked up by the show.

Which is why his official name is Time Turner and his nickname is "Doctor". Same with Vinyl Scratch and "DJPon3"
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Marvelous TK
Noooooot in the slightest? I’m saying ’Link’ can mean lots of things? I’m saying it’s filled with potential meaning? I’m saying that there is absolutely no reason it wouldn’t be a valid pony name because of all its potential meaning? So basically the exact opposite of that?
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Marvelous TK
True, what I did was posit that your question is irrelevant. I gave examples where a pony’s name isn’t always straightforward, and examples where names ’meaning something to the characters in the show’ doesn’t even always happen in the show. I didn’t, last time, mention that you’re focusing on one potential meaning of the name, even though in the post I first made I gave four different examples of different ’links’, so the pony himself doesn’t even have to be a ’link to’ anything, for it to be a valid pony name. It’s not a good question. I didn’t have to answer it. I just destroyed it.

Also? You’re totally dodging. This started with you saying that ’Link’ isn’t a pony name at all. With the dozen ways the word ’link’ is used, you have not made any case that it doesn’t work as a pony name. What, exactly, disqualifies it? Besides your inability to look past a single definition of the word, I mean.
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Marvelous TK
Uh, it could mean about a billion things. I mean, what does ’Rarity’ mean to the characters in the show? ’Twilight Sparkle’? Freaking ’Pinkie Pie’? They kind of defined their own names, more than the name defining them. And with as many types of ’links’ as there are, there’s so many ways for it to work as a pony name.

And I mean don’t even get me started on Luna, that name is associated with the moon virtue of a Roman goddess, and ’lunar’ and whatnot come from said goddess too, that’s gong to mean jack-all to ponies. In the context of the show, Luna by default is an empty meaningless name due to its heavy reliance on human mythology, and would only share that connection to the moon on virtue of Princess Luna herself. So don’t even try show-context arguments, the show’s already tearing those down.

Seriously, just take the Zelda games completely out of the equation, forget there even is a cameo here, that the Zelda games even exist let alone the character. That character doesn’t exist. Poof. Gone. Now, without that character existing, tell me why ’Link’ doesn’t work as a pony name. That was, after all, what you said, ’Link isn’t a pony name’. I am challenging you, right here right now, not about anything Zelda, but why ’Link isn’t a pony name’.
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(Previously known as BigBadSeed)

Offensive. Please ban.
@Marvelous TK
I get that it means something to us because we’ve played Zelda, but what would the name "Link" mean to the characters in the show? What is this pony a link to?
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It’s a lot like Time Turner/Doctor Whooves, who’s clearly a Doctor Who homage. We don’t call him "Doctor Who Pony", but his name certainly plays off what he is and the cutie mark on his flank.
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