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safe1769001 artist:adog071853 artist:spellboundcanvas408 artist:sulyo103 edit137889 edited screencap68785 hundreds of users filter this tag327 screencap231335 spike81102 starlight glimmer50177 sunset shimmer65440 trixie69179 pony1028893 unicorn350146 the saddle row review1458 alcohol7573 apple cider396 applejack daniel's80 bisexual5754 bottle4347 counterparts880 drinking3685 drunk5044 female1417833 gasp1003 heartbreak752 hug29424 jaw drop266 jealous1264 kissing25635 lesbian100056 love triangle403 magical trio473 male393808 mug4476 polyamory6946 restaurant724 sad25370 shipping207550 soda1650 sparlight617 sparlixie31 spixie249 straight141653 sunglasses15288 table9620 the amazing trio of friendship30 twilight's counterparts897 when you see it635 whiskey455


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Spike: BEFORE YOU START Bigamy is legal here and well…Trixie really wants a special Somepony so she gets 2 you and me  
Starlight: Pauses then looks at Trixie I hope you weren’t planning on walking tomorrow