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safe1707522 artist:adog071853 artist:spellboundcanvas397 artist:sulyo103 edit132636 edited screencap65289 hundreds of users filter this tag325 screencap222336 spike78825 starlight glimmer48688 sunset shimmer63074 trixie67534 pony968678 unicorn323901 the saddle row review1432 alcohol7197 apple cider386 applejack daniel's76 bisexual5536 bottle4093 counterparts875 drinking3481 drunk4859 female1364150 gasp966 heartbreak712 hug28303 jaw drop258 jealous1233 kissing24665 lesbian97065 love triangle400 magical trio461 male373109 mug4248 polyamory6773 restaurant688 sad24540 shipping200387 soda1594 sparlight604 sparlixie30 spixie248 straight136474 sunglasses14485 table9229 the amazing trio of friendship30 twilight's counterparts895 when you see it625 whiskey441


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Spike: BEFORE YOU START Bigamy is legal here and well…Trixie really wants a special Somepony so she gets 2 you and me
Starlight: Pauses then looks at Trixie I hope you weren't planning on walking tomorrow