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New addition for my Season 6 Episode Art!
Season 6, Episode 11: Flutter Brutter
For more info on my episode art: MLP:FIM Season 5 Episode Art Streams
This episode heh. That was quite a sudden introduction to an entire family
right at the beginning of the episode! That inclusion of Rainbow Dash, though,
bwhahaha. The horse sounds, the reactions. Oh my gosh. But the brother, some
of his action were a bit over the line for me. Destroying other folk’s stuff?! No… just
no, c’mon, Zephyr plz. That hurt my feelings right there, the poor voices of the parents.
Aside from that, the rest of his behavior can definitely make you peeved.
But like was shown, that can be a protective shell to a deeper problem or
issue. One that needed to be addressed. And the thing is, it’s small steps
that make it happen. Just like with many lessons, take small steps, keep
moving forward, keep improving yourself. It’s different for everyone, and
everyone handles stuff in different ways, but there’s almost always still
a good valuable character underneath. Just needs some effort to reveal.
Overall, an interesting episode, little fun background details revealed,
from the house, to the family, and little other Easter eggs.
Also, I don’t upload a lot of Fluttershy pieces, so I wanted to at
least include her. Winged the style a bit, though, but I partially
referenced an older piece “Apple Coated”. Looking at how “fast” I
finished this, I did feel like I didn’t work as clean as I could,
but heh… I guess it’s one of those days? Either way, hope y’all
enjoyed this little adventure with little ponies again!
safe1948787 artist:assasinmonkey862 fluttershy236035 zephyr breeze2749 pegasus396332 pony1298856 flutter brutter1183 alternate hairstyle32997 brother and sister5441 duo107808 duo male and female1432 eyes closed118296 female1581967 fluttershy is not amused476 grin51710 hair bun4217 looking at someone6574 male451530 mare605616 peeved170 raised hoof58725 scene interpretation9838 siblings14451 signature34288 smiling324321 smirk15572 stallion146177 that was fast1419 unamused20202


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