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Ethereal Divide
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I love all of the little easter eggs that the show animators always throw into each episode. Its part of the fun and anticipation upon the arrival of every new episode.
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@Dizzy Pen
Oh really? Interesting.

To be honest, I didn’t think the Water Temple was that hard. (Just tedious, as you had to keep raising/lowering the water. There was also that one easy-to-miss key room, though the 3DS version fixed the cinematic scene to show it’s entrance when the water is raised.) I had more trouble with the Forest Temple as a kid, as it was quite dark, some rooms looked the same, making it a bit confusing, and easy to get lost in.
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Dizzy Pen
@Beau Skunky
@Dizzy Pen
"Darn fairy!"

I hear rumors Craig, Lauren, and others who worked on those shows are Nintendo fans. I do remember a GameCube & GBA appearing in Foster’s. Sibsy’s a Sanik fan.

Oh, those aren’t rumors, those are FACTS! They are hardcore Nintendo fans. So much that many of their meetings around the time they were working on PPG were focused solely on solving OoT puzzles (most famously the horror that was the Water Temple).
And yeah, I remember the Game Cube, GBA and even a DS in Foster (I remember the DS perfectly because the whole episode focused on it… Well the reveal at least showed it was that.)
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