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safe1899575 artist:jirousan101 applejack183578 pinkie pie233039 equestria girls226119 applepie838 blushing227582 boots26775 breasts324126 busty applejack11917 busty pinkie pie12283 cleavage39215 clothes533256 cowboy hat20616 cute225523 denim skirt2004 diapinkes11205 female1536504 hat102643 jackabetes6883 shipping222501 simple background472444 skirt45933 squishy cheeks2771 stetson5309 tight clothing3014 white background120906


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Background Pony #000A
It’s official. All Applejack needs to complete her final form is her all-powerful tail with which to amplify her booty and destroy all her foes. We shall all be doomed by the hotness.
Background Pony #0728
AJ’s looking a bit /full/ there. At least, I don’t think she was that size when she buttoned that shirt up in the first place.