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Background Pony #8896
Ola Tiger: So. Are you really meet Dash?  
Spooky Glare: Im pretty sure it was she not a fan what cosplay as her.  
Ola Tiger: And what are you do with her?  
Spooky Glare: Oh. I saw she is tired after training in Wonderbolts and I was just want do a favor.  
Ola Tiger: Ok. Tell me more.  
Spooky Glare: And then when Dashie lay just in a cloud I thought is now my chance and I go and Im just do massage.  
Ola Tiger: You massaging her? And what she feel?  
Spooky Glare: She said it was so awesome and she ask ,,same time next week?’’. I answered ,,Sure’’  
Ola Tiger: wingboner  
Spooky Glare: You okay?  
Ola Tiger: Uhm. Yes. Im fine. But why are you ask me about that?  
Spooky Glare: Because you has ,,wingboner’’.  
Ola Tiger: Im fine. I told you. Im just sometimes has pervert mind.  
Spooky Glare: Okay. So I go now to home. See you tomarrow in Sugarcube Corner!  
Ola Tiger: Bye