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suggestive135353 artist:asmodeusthesexlord115 twilight sparkle291800 equestria girls191201 3d69934 adorkable3413 bedroom eyes56175 belly button72846 bookshelf3352 breasts260975 busty twilight sparkle11385 clothes435832 cute189709 dork3672 female1305526 front knot midriff1299 glasses58293 gmod7215 looking at you156844 midriff18766 plaid404 plaid skirt630 pleated skirt4014 school uniform6961 schoolgirl1818 skirt37746 smiling230377 socks62222 solo1020319 solo female174038 thigh highs32680 zettai ryouiki1795


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Background Pony #81AA
Twilight: This outfit I'm wearing is really bizarre, y'know? There are two reasons for it:
1. Despite my current cup-size, this crop top really turns a lot of heads. (giggles) Mostly Flash's.
2. The shortness of this skirt is physics-defying! All the boys, again including Flash, gets to see my lacey underwear.
And boy would the wind have very little effort blowing it up, regardless~!