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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Never played a Tribes game myself, but those are the key commands to trigger various voice lines in Tribes: Ascend, since typing is too slow and you must go fast. You press "V" to open the communication menu, the middle 1 or 2 letters are the sub-menus each voice line is located in, and the last letter is the one for the actual line itself.
This has been another lesson in mostly useless information, brought to you by some weirdo who keeps track of way too many memes for no particular reason.
Background Pony #FC80


Pharah is inspired by the Tribes series of games, as mentioned in this Q&A

Tribes featured things like every character wearing power armor with jetpacks and lots of moving projectile explosive weapons that only do the bulk of their damage with a direct hit… easier said than done when everyone is flying around at 200mph