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Background Pony #3912
A thought occurs to me.

In order to reach the Grand Archives, you have to enter Lothric Castle.

In order to enter Lothric Castle, you must first defeat three of the four Lords of Cinder, including the Abyss Watchers.

In order to reach the Abyss Watchers, you have to go through the Crucifixion Woods and Farron Keep.

In order for this image to happen, Rarity must have passed through those areas, no doubt fighting most or all of the enemies inside.

And what enemies appear in the Crucifixion Woods?

Can we therefore agree that this image needs the "implied rarity fighting a giant crab" tag?
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Wraith Stalker's avatar
Wraith Stalker
That was fast – and made me lol.

The worst part of the wax-dipping is that it doesn’t put the wax on your helmet, instead replaces the helm’s model with the wax.

I wear mornes set so when I saw this I really wanted to see a waxy Gargoyle head or whatever his helm is, BUT NOOOOO mornes helmet isn’t good enough to be waxed!
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SpikedFruitPunch's avatar
Oh gosh that’s just perfect.

Being someone who has put, perhaps, a few too many hours into that game, seeing this sort of thing brings back fond memories already.

Visions of Lizard, Be wary of death
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Background Pony #3912
I love this fandom.

That statement applies to the MLP and Dark Souls fandoms equally.
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Dirty Bit's avatar
Dirty Bit
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice

That's him, officer
Soooo, is this supposed to be some kind of cureall or a reverse fountain of youth? XD

Dunno what to make of this, since I haven’t played Dark Souls 3.
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