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safe1751168 artist:sumin63011575 snowfall frost735 starlight glimmer49808 a hearth's warming tail1520 equestria girls207205 adopted offspring1131 alcohol7476 bottle4275 broccoli94 butter274 celery66 cereal579 clothes476256 cute205770 cutie mark49721 double the glimmer16 duality4377 eating9959 equestria girls-ified10099 excited3065 food73004 fork930 glimmerbetes3907 glimmerdoption20 knife5488 mama starlight67 meat1961 milk4811 napkin177 open mouth154536 pancakes1379 parent:starlight glimmer1521 plate1781 self adoption34 self paradox1364 spoon1410 steak94 syrup255 table9519 tablecloth138 time paradox480 wine2635 younger17765


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