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safe (1461258)artist:carnifex (2243)flash sentry (11195)sunset shimmer (51988)human (133696)equestria girls (164082)couch (6183)cute (154493)female (788291)flashimmer (1540)holding hands (1997)humanized (89329)looking at each other (13268)male (267928)rainy (9)shipping (168789)sitting (47586)smiling (188946)straight (112022)


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54 comments posted
Background Pony #27BD
That’s just shipper’s goggles. Flash only asked to start over as friends and was still shut down. Might have a shot with a little lovin muffin though.
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The Green Meanie's avatar
The Green Meanie
Weapon: Paddle
I’m starting to get sick of seeing you talk trash on every single Flashimmer picture, and don’t think I can’t see you using the as-anon feature to do it either. Not liking this ship is absolutely fine, but rather than leaving pissy comments try filtering "flashimmer" instead or just not commenting at all. I’m not asking you to stop, either; I’m telling you right straight to knock it off.
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Terminal Red's avatar
Terminal Red

(Previously known as Mr grump)

Well, I know it’s adorbs…
All I did was gush about my love of romance and how cute a couple these two are and the next thing I know the comment section has broken out into a free for all.😢

Oh well, that’s the nature of the internet I guess and I wouldn’t have it any other way.😀

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Comments54 comments posted