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safe1707145 artist:happy harvey494 queen chrysalis34806 oc685071 oc:anon11705 oc:filly anon2609 changeling47672 changeling queen16502 earth pony248999 goblin109 pony968256 119 bandana5339 barbarian181 buff498 charge142 clothes459884 critical failure12 critical miss8 dice485 dork3804 dorkalis176 drawn on phone475 dungeons and dragons1268 eyebrows5009 fail1396 failure101 female1363743 filly66739 floppy ears52350 gap teeth184 horrified617 imagination301 killer dm5 muscles12308 no pupils4032 rage1522 rolling602 scared10448 shaking1445 shield2171 sword11676 tabletop game311 unshorn fetlocks25526 weapon30511


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