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I wouldn't downvote because of the ship, I would downvote because drawing Blueblood without his trademark buff chest and overall exaggerated macho body is a sin. It's like drawing Twilight without the hair stripes.
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There's a guy who usually posts the comics free on 4Chan; Sadly the FF 26 thread is probably long gone by now.

Anyway, the pairing for that issue is Shining Armor and Prince Blueblood. It's an interesting read… and not half bad. I even saw someone say it was the first good issue of the comics in a while.
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So Prince Blueblood snubs a pony he doesn't even know at a party, and becomes an acceptable revenge target forever afterwards? That sounds about right :3

I'll have to rewatch the episode, but I thought his greatest offense was not opening a door for Rarity D:
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He was a prick to Rarity at a party years ago.

And nobody had gotten over it.

Should also add he even gets a couple scenes in Sweet and Elite, and Rarity actually looks happy… So they might've even made up (either that or she was just thrilled at the honor of christening an airship side by side with the Prince of Equestria).