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safe1708298 screencap222450 dj pon-329273 evening stroll18 octavia melody23783 paraviolet18 pinkie pie216379 spirit of hearth's warming presents239 vinyl scratch29274 pony969418 a hearth's warming tail1512 animated98725 cute200095 dancing8368 diapinkes9894 discovery family logo11677 female1364848 musical instrument10510 phonograph90 song in the comments246 victrola scratch31 violin506 wax cylinder11


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Background Pony #8911
It looks like she's singing one of those songs that I sing along to the radio while riding in a Ford Aerostar.
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It's clearly not steampunk if it doesn't have some gears gratuitously glued to it.

That's a actually a distinct genre unto itself, called Clockpunk; big difference being that clockpunk can lapse into Renaissance, Baroque, or even before that.
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@Background Pony Number 17
Vinyl is hand hoof-cranking a wax cylinder, which most certainly does not qualify as anything more than hoof-cranking a wax cylinder.

I can't wait for you to discover Dieselpunk so you can spam that at every opportunity.
Beau Skunky
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Wait! I still function!
Hey, she has eyes for once.

I kinda miss the old headcanons they DJ & Octavia were secretly the same pony. ('Cause you used to never see them in the same ep' before S5.)